Monday Morsels 1/27/14

Hello ladies and gents,

How was your weekend? Mine was so much fun.

I thought I’d mix things up with this edition of Monday Morsels and tell you what I was up to this past weekend.


My boyfriend and I went on an impromptu date night after work. This is rare, folks. We had burgers at Eureka! in Berkeley. (Of course, I ordered mine bunless.) This was such a rare treat for the two of us. Since I came down with Histamine Intolerance a year ago, I’ve had to be painstakingly careful about what I eat. I can say with certainty that we ate out less than 20 times in 2013. It was nice to eat out together this weekend, blow off some steam, and feel like I was in my 20s again.

“Safe” Restaurant Foods:

Since I’ve been recovering, I’ve realized that a “safe” restaurant food for me is a bunless burger, as long as the meat is of good quality and I omit any sauces.  I generally look for grassfed and organic meats.  Eureka! offers hormone and antibiotic-free meat.  Fries are a guilty treat and usually safe (ish) if they are gluten free.

Roam Artisan Burgers is a Paleo community favorite, so it’s definitely on my radar.

Another safe restaurant food for me is sushi. Just plain old raw fish and a little rice. Hold the soy sauce, tempura anything, imitation crab, and all other sauces.

Which brings me to…


Gorgeously presented Chirashi from Joshu-ya Brasserie

Chirashi from Joshu-ya Brasserie

>> We met up with some good company at Joshu-ya Brasserie. The chirashi I ordered was the most beautiful I’d ever eaten.








<< We ended the night by watching the movie “Her”. It was beautiful and deserving of the hype it has generated. If you’re thinking of going to see it, go with an open mind.





Gluten free loot

Gluten-free, paleo-friendly Loot!

On Sunday, I attended the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo. I connected with some like-minded individuals, met one of the editors of Paleo Magazine, found some clean beauty brands to get excited about like Lovely Lady Products and Red Apple Lipstick (review coming soon), and got a boatload of discounted gluten free and grain free snacks! It was such a great event. I feel lucky to live in a community where an event like this exists. It raises awareness, brings people together, and supports those who live a gluten free lifestyle.


Now without further adieu..Monday Morsels!


>> Yasmina, the Low Histamine Chef whipped up a stupidly delicious looking Creamy Vegan Dulce De Leche Ice Cream.  This ice cream is Paleo-friendly and uses butternut squash and coconut cream as its base. Need I say more?

<< My friend and fellow histamine avenger, Alison Vickery, posted a recipe for Sweet Potato and Ginger Muffins using banana flour. Alison is a holistic health coach who specializes in auto-immune conditions.


Simona Supekar wrote about how the internet helped her cope with a rare disease. This is close to my heart as her story mirrored a bit of my own. Forward this to anyone going through a difficult to understand illness. Or read this if you have a loved one in your life who is very ill and you’d like to help, but aren’t sure how.  Sometimes just a loved one’s understanding is enough to make a difference. There is support out there if you just look for it.

I hope you have a great week!

Love and light,


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