Monday Morsels 2/10/14

As Valentine’s Day rolls in, I thought it would be fitting for this edition of Monday Morsels to discuss…are you ready for it?

Hacking the Secret to Long Term Desire

I saw a very thought-provoking video on YouTube the other day by Shots of Awe aka Jason Silva.

In this video, Jason Silva summarizes Esther Perel’s TED Talk which explores the keys to long-term desire. Esther Perel is a world-renowned therapist, speaker and author.


  • Most people are attracted to their partners when they are able to view them as a self-sustaining person rather than one half of themselves.
  • You must create space to maintain desire. Perel describes it as looking at your partner from a comfortable distance. You know this person deeply, yet momentarily, they appear a bit mysterious.

So how do you maintain this comfortable space and mystery? And how do you ensure that you are a self-sustaining individual?

An individual can do this by staying connected to their unique identity which is comprised of their own passions, interests, friends, family, and goals.

It can be quite easy to lose your identity in a relationship as you might find yourself wanting to revolve your life around your partner. (I know I’ve definitely done this.)  Staying connected to your own identity makes you a more well-rounded, self-sustaining, fulfilled, and interesting person, which ultimately enriches your life as a couple and is just plain attractive.

I’ve only scratched the surface of Esther Perel’s very thought-provoking TED Talk. You can watch it here.

DIY Raw Strawberry Cream Truffles

Why buy overpriced Valentine’s day chocolate when you can make your own at home? Kassie of Cloudy Apples on YouTube shared a great recipe for raw strawberry cream truffles which include super clean ingredients such as raw almonds, dates, cacao powder, sea salt, and coconut oil. They look delicious. See?

You can find her detailed recipe here.




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