Official first post

Hello, beautiful internet people. Welcome to my blog.

I’m here to air out some thoughts on nontoxic beauty, nutrition, wellness, and general musings on life. Too bad I described my thoughts like they were farts that needed to be aired out. Too soon (or too old) for a fart joke? Ah, but I can’t help myself, and you might as well know early on that I’m weird.

On a serious note, 2013 has been the hardest year of my life. I experienced a very serious yet little known health condition that had me frantically combing the web for information as I baffled the handful of doctors that I saw.  In my condition, I became very sensitive and reactive to not only foods but also conventional beauty and personal care products. This eventually ignited my passion for holistic nutrition and nontoxic, clean beauty.

My wellness journey, as I like to call it, has been nothing short of a wild ride, and it’s definitely not over yet. I’m here to share what I love.  So stay tuned.

Love and light,